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We offer a life-enhancing supplements to people who are serious about health. Our research and development has focused on ketone bodies as a key component of our health applications. Ketone bodies are chemical compounds that are produced by the liver from fatty acids released from adipose tissue. Ketone bodies themselves can be used as a source of energy in most tissues of the body. The intake of compounds that boost the levels of ketone bodies in the blood can lead to various clinical benefits, including an enhancement of PHYSICAL and COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE and the treatment of cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and epilepsy. Learn more about ketones on our FAQ page.

I have experienced remarkable improvements in my energy, oxygen capacity, motor performance, and athletic performance. I am somewhat obsessed with data, and I measure everything. I repeatedly controlled the variables with supplementation and I get results each time. Remarkable!
— Ron, Alexandria
Food cravings all but disappear when I use the ketone product with intermittent fasting. I lost 8 pounds in 1 month. That is significant for me because I started at 132 and was already fairly fit. I am seriously impressed and can’t imagine not having this on my counter.
— Kim, Virginia
I love the ketone product. I have sustained mental focus and steady energy when I use it. While it is not inexpensive, this product is an investment in my life. After testing the product repeatedly and recording the benefits, there is no question in my mind the return on investment far exceeds anything else I buy to enhance my lifestyle - motorcycle, 2nd gym membership, spa treatments, sports car, etc.
— Brett, DC
I follow a ketogenic diet because the benefits are numerous. However, when I travel and take days off, I have a hard time getting back to a keto mmol/L level. It can sometimes take days, and sometimes headaches. The Ketone ProHealth product is OUTSTANDING because I can get into measured ketosis within minutes!
— Jay, USA

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